How It All Started




Growing up in Brownsville,Brooklyn (one of the worst neighborhoods in NYC). Wade grew up as a basketball fan. He always saw glances of skateboarding but it was never a part of his community. Playing Tony Hawk Video Games over the years he finally decided to saved up and buy a board a few month before his 17th birthday. By this time of his friends were way more interested in gang activity than anything else. A new outlook to occupy his time he found something he loved and kept him out of trouble.


"In a way skateboarding saved my life. I've never been so passionate about something as much as i do with skating. What better way than to give back to the skate community. People skate for different reasons and some skaters will never win a trophy or award for their skating. When i look down and see the Trophy under my feet, it reminds me that My skateboard is an award in itself. any trick i land is being rewarded. 

Tearing my ACL in 2015 was pretty rough but each day we're pushing hard toward our goals. I just want to thank anyone who's ever supported me, it keeps me motivated to keep going!"